Two kankens from Lotte International and Meiya

Although the two kankens origins are different and the small details are almost the same, I am quite satisfied with the color. Classic is more suitable for girls. Personal opinion, things are good.

After reading the kanken postings of many people, some friends said yes, after deleting the selections, and finally selected Lotte International and Meiya. Of course, Meiya has a price advantage and often has special prices.

Generally speaking, the fabric is light and wear-resistant, has high tear resistance, and the fabric fiber swells when exposed to water. It has physical waterproof properties. This fabric is used in Fjallraven Kanken series backpacks.

Compared with waterproof coated fabrics, the advantage is that multiple washings will not reduce its waterproof performance. In order to achieve waterproof performance, many backpack fabrics usually need waterproof coating treatment.